Sunday, March 9, 2008

Delphi Help-Booster

If you are using Delphi 2006 [Turbos excluded] or Delphi 2007 and haven't seen/used Delphi-PRAXiS Help-Booster by Daniel R. Wolf, you're missing out on the fastest access to the Delphi help files there is.

From the Help-Booster page:
Anyone who ever worked with the Help-System of Delphi 2006/2007 will know that it is terribly slow. This is caused significantly by the internals of the new Windows Help-System, which is - compared to earlier versions of Windows - really slow. This is precisely where the Delphi-PRAXiS Help-Booster comes into play: It links into the IDE and uses its own help-index, which makes available the help-content significantly faster.
Important: The original help of Delphi must still be installed, because the Help-Booster offers just an alternative access to the content of help and does not come up with a copy of the help-content. The original help function of Delphi is still available, not affected and can still be used in parallel as before. Right now the index of Help-Booster includes the reference to VCL/RTL and the most relevant parts of the PSDK. Additional entries, especially from third-party, can be added in a future version by yourself.

There is also a short video that shows how it integrates into the IDE and some of the advantages. One tip that the video doesn't show is how, like all of the other docking windows, you can set it up as a 'fly-out' and have fast access to help at your fingertips. Now, when I select >> Help-Booster - search "keyword" from the right-click menu the fly-out opens with a list of all the possible topics for me to choose from. Optionally, pin the window open and type whatever you need to know into the search textbox - it's very fast.

How can you beat features like this [from the Help-Booster page]:

  • Manual search (also substrings)
  • Context-sensitive search using a shortcut in the editor (default is F2)
  • Context-sensitive search using a right-click in the editor (context-menu, entry at the bottom)
  • Online-search in our forums (Delphi-PRAXiS) by preceding the searchterm with dp: (connection to the internet needed)
  • Online-search in our CodeLibrary by preceding the searchterm with cl: (connection to the internet needed)
    (Example: cl:findfirst)

If you need to use the help files ... get this add-in and install it today.

Oh, BTW, it [only] works with the IDE "Welcome page" enabled, if you've disabled/removed it ...


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  1. Thanks a lot for the great tip!

    -- Onno

  2. I thought finally the help CONTENTS had been boosted.

    I'm programming in D2007 Win32 but have to have D7 open, just for Help.

  3. Anon ... you are using the latest and greatest help update, aren't you :)


  4. dose it work with delphi 2009?

  5. It doesn't work with D2009 yet.
    But the author (Daniel R. Wolf) will release a D2009 version.

  6. There is now Build 471 available (only for Delphi 2009)

    An installer for this Build is not yet available. The registration must be done manually via the registry.
    Under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CodeGear\BDS\6.0\Experts" create a key (string) with the name "DPHelpBooster".
    For the string value, type the full path and file name to the DLL.
    For example, "C:\Temp\HelpBoosterAddIn_D2009.dll"


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  8. I thinks its all are Delphi Application require higher version configuration .