Thursday, August 30, 2007

Delphi IDE - Registry Root Switch

Didja-Know ... there is a command line switch built into the IDE that will allow you to switch the registry root that the IDE uses when loading. Yea, a completely different configuration from a short-cut you create that uses the "-r" command-line switch.

Someone mentioned it in a NG post recently and I thought it was pretty cool ... certainly worth keeping at hand but I went looking for it [to give credit to the author of the post] and came up empty.  I did manage to find a Sep 21, 2004 post by Allen Bauer [now Chief Scientist at CodeGear] that really explains it well:

One thing you can do with all versions of Delphi from at least D5, is use the "-r" command-line switch.  This allows you to specify the root registry key to use when loading the IDE.  For instance in D7, you could export the HKCU\Software\Borland\Delphi key to a file.  Then rename the "Delphi" key to something else, like "SafeMode".  Then re-import the exported key to recreate the HKCU\..\Delphi key.  Finally, when you run the Delphi32 application, just pass the "-rSafeMode" switch to use that key.

Allen Bauer
Delphi/C#Builder Principal Architect
Borland Software Corporation.

 This is something that would have come in handy when testing out the Keyboard Short-Cut articles I put together a few months ago ... it certainly would have saved me from making the mistakes I made due to high-jacked short-cut key strokes by 3rd party IDE tools.

I'm thinking of setting up a "BareBones" root and short-cut that has all third party tools and IDE enhancements removed. When I need to try and find conflicts it will make things a lot easier to load the IDE using that key and start adding tools/utilities until the problem occurs. Then just delete the "BareBones" key and re-load it from a saved-to-disk copy.

Lots to play with ... I'm off. Thanks for stopping by,



  • Delphi [2007 Win32] will build you a new [pretty much] empty key if one doesn't exist.
    Click »Start »Run and type in "bds -rBareBones" without the quotes and Delphi will create the empty BareBones root for you as it starts ...
    how cool is that ?!?


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